Drug Free Safety Place Supervisor Training

Course Outline

  1. Importance of Drug and Alcohol Policy
    1. History of drug testing
    2. Department of Transportation Standard
    3. Ohio BWC Drug Free Workplace Program
  2. Substance Abuse Facts
    1. U.S. Statistics
    2. Effects on Family and workplace
    3. Impact on employer
    4. Work related issues and concerns
  3. Substance Abuse Recognition
    1. Stages of Substance Abuse
    2. Most commonly abused drugs
    3. Signs and symptoms of acute and chronic impairment
    4. Review of validity of drug and alcohol testing processes
  4. Rehabilitation Treatment Options
    1. Return-to-work Issues
  5. Supervisor Documentation
  6. Constructive Confrontation
  7. Importance of Managers and Supervisors
  8. Discussion