There are three areas in wood that make a big difference in how they represent themselves:

#1 Density/Hardness
Below you will see the density in the different species:
Brown Maple-600
Red Oak-740
White Oak-770

#2 Weight
This ties in with density. Weight is measured by a PR board foot which is 12” x 12”
Brown Maple-39
Red Oak-45
White Oak-47

#3 Color
Which, when adding a stain, makes and helps a lot in the color specs.
Maple is a light brown to white wood and cherry is a red/pinkish hew. Red oak is a brown range to a pinkish hew. Quartersawn white oak is a grayish color. Walnut is the darkest color.

Our furniture is coated with our catalyzed conversion varnish which is very durable in the field. No need for coasters - water glasses can be set on the furniture. Finger nail polish can be removed with finger nail remover. It is durable up to 120 degrees. The easist way for an in home cleaner is 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. Or you are more than welcome to buy from our cleaner which is available on our site. Stay away from pledge or any product with harsh chemicals and silicone.

Can't find something you want? Yep, we do custom. Can you draw? Send us a sketch. Looking through a magazine and see two pieces you want to cross. Send us some pictures. Through some dialog we will get you a preliminary quote. After a down payment we will start our 3D drawing and cad system. Anything is possible if you are the dreamer.

We believe in building to the need of each and every client. Due to the fact that each of the pieces of your furniture are personal, there is a no return policy on our furniture. Please proof read your orders and be sure that you know what you have ordered. Nonetheless we believe in having happy customers.

Here at Onvard Furniture, we know that you want your home to be unique—that it will express your personal style. While there are many things you can do to customize your home’s appearance, there are few items that can have a bigger impact than your furniture. Because of this, customization is a top priority for our team. We know that custom Amish...