Our History

Born in the year of 1977, I grew up beside a cabinet shop 2 miles from my now lovely wife Ada. Growing up in the community as a young Amish boy, I created lots of pieces of furniture with limited tools available. Yes, times have changed and I'm no longer an Amish boy, but a Mennonite father of 5 children. Technology has made a difference on our community. Growing up and being a furniture builder and salesman for a company selling furniture parts has created a lot of great relationships with builders in the area, henceforth a website for the whole world to tap into good quality, American made solid furniture. Are we still for the most part an Amish community? Yes, but the styles of our furniture has not stayed Amish as you can see in our great array of styles.


Our Mission

Family time, Christ first, and making sure each and every one we meet feels like a fulfilled person after our connection. Oh yes, I forgot, we want you to experience our quality furniture from a distance.

Here at Onvard Furniture, we know that you want your home to be unique—that it will express your personal style. While there are many things you can do to customize your home’s appearance, there are few items that can have a bigger impact than your furniture. Because of this, customization is a top priority for our team. We know that custom Amish...