Student Ideas for a Better America™

Student Ideas for a Better America

Student Ideas for a Better America™


Got a great idea? Or, a better way to do something? The National Museum of Education is looking for creative students (PreK-12+College)!

Enter any idea for a new way to demonstrate an educational concept, an idea for a new product, or an improvement for an existing product or procedure. Monetary prizes are awarded each month! This is an ongoing contest and there is no deadline!

*Winning entries are National winners*  You are also then eligible to apply for induction into the National Gallery for America's Young Inventors.

You could be the next Thomas Edison! What a GREAT resume-builder, AND a wonderful addition to your scholarship and university applications!

Mission Statement and Goals

Our mission:

Student Ideas for a Better America™ seeks to encourage the learning, insight, creativity, and workmanship of America’s students by recognizing and rewarding their accomplishments.

Our Goals:

  • To demonstrate that valuable ideas can be created by America’s youth.
  • To encourage students to develop their ideas into reality.
  • To move students from passive spectators to active participants.
  • To ignite the faith that students can solve real-world problems.
  • To inspire student pride in learning.
  • To inspire America’s pride in her students                                                                       SIBA logo                                                                                                             
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