Media Coverage

The National Museum of Education, formerly the Partnership for America's Future, has been featured in numerous publications. Included are highlights of NMOE programs and its sponsoring corporations.


Magazines and Newspapers

USA Today | New York Times | Washington Post | Chicago Tribune | Sun Newspapers

Business Forum | Frey Scientific | Science World | Inventor's Digest | Teacher Magazine

Current Science Magazine | Odyssey Magazine | Scholastic Magazine | Seventeen Magazine | Christian Science Monitor

The Women's Press | Scientific Frontiers Magazine | Mortgage Originator Magazine | INC Magazine | NSTA Science Teacher 

EntrepreNews & Views | Boy's Life | American Girl | Entrepreneur Magazine

Foundations of Physical Science (Tom Hsu, Ph.D. -textbook) | Kids Invent: A Handbook for Kid Inventors (Susan Casey)

Space Day Partner Communique | India Abroad | Future CEO Stars | People Magazine


Television, Film and Video

TLC & Discovery Program
Maury Povich Show
Japan TV
Tonight Show
Discovery Channel
The Late Show with David Letterman
ABC's Classroom Connection
Pat Bullard Show
Channel ONE Network
Nickelodeon's "Figure it Out"
TBS "Have You Ever Wondered?"
NEA Today
CBS News, Class of 2000
Time Warner Cable
Rosie O'Donnell Show
Montel William's Show
MSNBC's Pencil News for Kids
NBC's "Who is the Greatest American?"
NBC's "Today Show"
Walt Disney Pictures
CN8 Comcast Network, East Coast
91.3 The Summit, NE Ohio

We'd like to thank all of the media organizations for their support and dedication to America's youth through all of their kind stories and media coverage.