National Gallery for America’s Young Inventors

National Gallery for America’s Young Inventors

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About the Gallery

The National Gallery for America’s Young Inventors is a museum of young American inventors whose ideas hold promise to a positive impact on our society. Its purpose is to preserve and promote great inventions produced by America’s youth. The National Gallery inducts six young people in grades K- 12 annually. In this way, the National Gallery is taking the great ideas of America's youth and enshrining them forever.

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Mission Statement

The National Gallery for America’s Young Inventors is making history by annually recognizing America’s great student inventors and displaying their inventions.


  • To demonstrate that valuable inventions can be created by America’s youth
  • To display award-winning inventions derived from national competitions
  • To establish students as role models for other students
  • To inspire student pride in learning
  • To provide the opportunity for students who are passive spectators to become active participants
  • To ignite the faith that students can solve real-world problems
  • To show that adults and youth can work together for positive educational goals
  • To demonstrate that educational achievement can be prestigious and glamorous
  • To inspire America’s pride in her students

What is the National Gallery for America's Young Inventors?

The National Gallery is a museum of young American inventors whose ideas hold promise to a positive impact on our society.

How can I view the Gallery?

You can browse the online gallery on our website.

Who can be inducted?

Each year up to six students K-12 are selected from a pool of applicants.

How can I nominate or apply?

You can download an application with all the details you need or request one by mail.

How are inductees selected?

The young inventors selected for induction are chosen by a group of their peers (high school students) called the student board of directors. We believe that since this program is for the sake of our country's youth, its inductees should be chosen by young people.The student board is overseen by an adult board of advisors made up of outstanding business men and women as well as accomplished inventors.

Student Board

The National Student Board of Directors is comprised of students (grades 9-12) from from across the United States and one alumni advisor. The group meets in Akron, Ohio every August and October. In August, the Board reviews the National Gallery entries and chooses up to six young inventors for the honor of Induction into the hall of fame the following October. The Student Board has an adult Board of Advisors available to them while considering the entries. At the October Induction Ceremony, the Board meets again to host the banquet and honor the new Inductees. All expenses for travel, meals and lodging are paid for by the National Museum of Education.

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