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Camp Nuhop provides six week-long sessions for children with ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders (formerly Asperger’s Syndrome) learning differences, and other behavioral nuances.

Each camp session offers programs that range from Traditional (on-campus based programs) to (off-campus based programs) called Trip Camps.  

Our programs are focused on promoting personal growth through success, positive reinforcement and friendship. Campers in each program are placed in groups ("tribes") of seven with three summer staff members based on age, affinities and compatibility. We strongly encourage first time campers to apply for the Traditional Program as it offers our outdoor experiences right here on our campgrounds or at the nearby Malabar Farm, Mohican State Park & Forest.

However campers decide to make the Nuhop experience theirs, they will have a week full of outdoor adventure, laughter, friendship, and memories. Our campers leave with a new sense of their abilities and self-worth, ready to face the everyday challenges of home, school, and beyond. Most Nuhop campers return for year after year. Each year provides a new level of accomplishment continuing to build confidence for those familiar with the program and create new possibilities for success and friendship.

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